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1915 Expropriation list, Schadura, Volhynia

From the Wolhynien Area News, Thursday, June 2, 1916

The Russians sent the Germans of Schadura into exile in July 1915, and seized their possessions. The Wolhynien Area News -- a Russian-language newspaper published in Zhitomir, and the major source of information for this part of Ukraine -- published this list of the owners of seized land.

Albrecht, August August
Albrecht, Stephan August
Becker, Gottlieb August
Dietrich, Josef August
Disterhoff, Ludwig Gottlieb
Fauw, Marta Ludwig
Fenske, Martin Ludwig
Fuggmann, Ivan-Jan Andrei
Grunke, Ottilie Friedrich
Heidemann, August Johann
Kenke, Wilhelm Friedrich
Kenke, Friedrich Johann
Kolem, August Martin
Marr, Josef Josef
Marr, Karl Josef
Patzke, Ludwig August
Pede, Ferdinand Martin
Rachinski, Jan Dennis
Rauw, Olga August
Schmidtke, August Petrov
Schneider, Friedrich Friedrich
Schneider, August Friedrich
Schneider, Friedrich August
Schultz, Friedrich Matthias Christian
Schwartz, Friedrich August
Steinke, Ephraim Mikhail
Stoike, Julius Heinrich
Stoltz, Adolf Andrei
Streler, Heinrich Ferdinand
Wenske, Johann Gottlieb

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