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1915 Expropriation list, Horschtschik, Volhynia

From the Wolhynien Area News, Thursday, June 2, 1916

The Russians sent the Germans of Horschtschik into exile in July 1915, and seized their possessions. The Wolhynien Area News -- a Russian-language newspaper published in Zhitomir, and the major source of information for this part of Ukraine -- published this list of the owners of seized land.

Assman, Alwina Adam
Babetskaya, Augusta Andrei
Braun, Dorothea Johann
Burgstaller, David Friedrich
Chepanowsky, Friedrich Martin
Dorn, Lydia Johann
Drews, Olga Friedrich
Drews, Mikhail Martin
Drews, August Martin
Drichel, Samuel Gottfried
Ebert, Albert Wilhelm
Eichhorn, Ferdinand Johann
Eichhorn, Emelia Johann
Eichhorn, Amalia Karl
Eichhorn, Jakob Johann
Eichhorn, Alwina Daniel
Eichhron, Karolina Johann
Fuchs, Juliana Karl
Fuchs, Karl Daniel
Ganel, Heinrich Johann
Garke, Robert Pawlo
Grischau, Emil Albert
Grischay, Friedrich Albert
Grishau, Albert Georgy
Hamann, Karolina Gottlieb
Hartwich, Julius Gottfried
Hartwig, August Mikhail
Hein, Wilhelm Rudolf
Hein, Edward Rudolf
Kaschke, Martin August
Kautz, Johann Johann
Kohler, Andrei Wilhelm
Koller, Ismail Phillip
Kollert, Wilhelm Phillip
Kopp, Ludwig Karl
Kurts, Andrei Christian
Kurts, Alwina Friedrich
Lemke, Karl August
Lemke, Ella Friedrich
Maltson, Friedrich Jakob
Michael, August Petro
Numermacher, Wilhelm Christian
Papetz, Julius Ristian
Platt, Albert Gottlieb
Ratz, Maria Adolf
Rentz, Jakob Andrei
Rentz, Simon Andrei
Reschke, Albert Friedrich
Reschke, Bernhard Albert
Reschke, Simon Friedrich
Schimann, Johann Karl
Schlack, Gustav Mikhail
Schlack, Berta Mikhail
Schlack, Christian Matthew
Schroeder, Friedrich Karl
Schroeder, Ephrosina Johann
Schuster, Hulda Friedrich
Schuster, Adolina Andrei
Schwartz, Andreas Daniel
Schwartz, Friedrich Christian
Sender. Johann Mikhail
Sprichmann, Ermsting Ludwig
Steinke, Gustav Mikhail
Steinke, Gottlieb Jakob
Steinke, Sarah Adam
Steinke, Daniel Jakob
Steinke, Amelia Friedrich
Steinke, Mikhail Mikhail
Steinke, Julius Daniel
Stermer, Edward Daniel
Stermer, Gustav Daniel
Stermer, August Daniel
Stober, Karl Jakob
Stober, Juliana Friedrich
Stober, Emelia Johann
Welf, Ludwig Ludwig
Winkler, Jan Christian
Wojan-Krieger, Karl Karl
Wolf, Wilhelm Christian
Wolf, Adam Christian
Wolf, Julius Daniel
Wolf, Karl Wilhelm
Wolf, Karl Wilhelm
Zerbian, Paulina Mikhail
Zuber, Daniel Gottlieb
Zuber, Friedrich Gottlieb
Zuber, Johann Gottlieb
Zuber, Friedrich Gottlieb
Zubert, Andreas Gottlieb

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