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1915 Expropriation list, Blumental, Volhynia

From the Wolhynien Area News, Thursday, June 2, 1916

The Russians sent the Germans of Blumental (Tsvetjanka) into exile in July 1915, and seized their possessions. The Wolhynien Area News -- a Russian-language newspaper published in Zhitomir, and the major source of information for this part of Ukraine -- published this list of the owners of seized land.

Bader, Wilhelm
Baier, Ephraim
Barak, Ferdinand Johann
Barak, Maria Ludwig
Barch, Andrei Christoph
Barch, Gustav Gottlieb
Bohn, Lunza Mikhail
Drigech, Rudolf
Eck, Robert Gottlieb
Eck, Wilhelm Gottlieb
Ehe, Robert Gottlieb
Feffler, Christian
Fellert, Wilhelm Martin
Ferris, Heinrich August
Fester, Emilia
Freimut, Reinhold
Fuch, August
Gerold, Reinhold Hermann
Golder, Karl Ivan
Goldner, Ivan Friedrich
Gruntau, Herman Georgy
Hadke, Julius Gottfried
Hirsch, Daniel Gottlieb
Hirsch, Daniel Wogumil
Horn, Rudolf
Hubert, August
Hubert, Karl Friedrich
Hubert, Karolina Philip
Hubert, Ottilie August
Kale, Gottlieb
Kawuss, Friedrich Johann
Kenke, Rudolf Wilhelm
Knaupp, Leopold Karl
Krause, Wilhelm
Kuhl, Wilhelm
Lange, August Martin
Lange, Hulda Stephan
Lange, Marta Heinrich
Lange, Wilhelm Gottfried
Leder, Gottfried Gottlieb
Librat, Friedrich Friedrich
Liske, Albina Samuel
Liske, Gottfried Gottfried
Liske, Heinrich Wilhelm
Loshner, Emil Wilhelm
Malchak, Karl Karl
Meychlich, Emil Friedrich
Miljats, Karl Karl
Muss, Friedrich Friedrich
Muss, Friedrich Karl
Muss, Karl Friedrich
Nurenberg, Adolf
Padel, Julius
Patke, Ivan
Patke, Josef Ivan
Pesch, Emil Karl
Petrich, August Ivan
Petrov, Andrei Ivan
Petter, Friedrich Christian
Rahn, Mikhail Heinrich
Remfort, Karl Friedrich
Rentz, Friedrich Friedrich
Rentz, George
Riske, August
Rosner, Karl
Sanderin, Friedrich Gottfried
Schroeder, Amalia Ivan
Schroeder, Emil Ludwig
Schroeder, Ivan Karl
Schroeder, Theophilia Gottfried
Schultz, Friedrich
Schultz, Lydia Ivan
Tesch, August Andrei
Tesch, Edward August
Tesch, Friedrich Friedrich
Tesch, Karl Karl
Tesch, Ludwig Ludwig
Tesch, Wilhelm Karl
Till, Friedrich Friedrich
Wankowski, Wilhelm Ivan
Weiss, Edward
Wendler, Wilhelmina Ludwig
Wentzler, Gottfried Ivan
Wentzler, Julius Ivan
Wersche, Ludwig Mikhail
Wildman, Alwina Adam
Winter, Ferdinand Ferdinand
Wolf, Ferdinand Ludwig
Wolf, Ludwig Ludwig
Wolfert, Ludwig Jakob
Zeifert, Susanna Friedrich
Zengebush, Josef Christian
Zobel, Daniel Mikhail

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