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1915 Expropriation list, Alt Alexandrowka, Volhynia

From the Wolhynien Area News, Thursday, June 2, 1916

The Russians sent the Germans of Alt Alexandrowka into exile in July 1915, and seized their possessions. The Wolhynien Area News -- a Russian-language newspaper published in Zhitomir, and the major source of information for this part of Ukraine -- published this list of the owners of seized land.

Baier, Friedrich Martin
Germil, Mattis Ivan
Germil, Johann Matthew
Heder, Adolf
Heffer, Johann Ivan
Hochsman, Amelia Ludwig
Hoffer, Johann
Hoffert, Lokardia Johann
Holz (Holtch), Johann Ivan
Holz, Emil Ivan
Holz, Daniel Ivan
Holz, Gustav David
Kwass, Wilhelm Ludwig
Maeder, Ivan
Meder, Josef Georgy
Polinski, Martin Daniel
Ratz, Gottlieb Gottlieb
Richter, Edward August
Richter, Wilhelm August Ferdinand
Sachs, Andrei
Sachs, Maria Adolf
Sachs, Paulina Georgy
Schott, Georgy Georgy
Schott, Wilhelm Georgy
Schott, Josef Josef
Schramm, Julianna
Telker, Josef Christian
Tober, Ludwig
Toffert, Lydia Johann
Walter, Josef Jakob
Walter, Johann Mikhail Jakob
Weigelmann, Gotlieb Georgy
Weigelmann, August Georgy
Weigelmann, Johann Georgy
Weigelmann, Gustav u Adolf
Weigelmann, August Christian
Weigelmann, Georgy Johann
Wendt, Johann Ivan
Went, Gustav Ivan
Wurschke, Ludwig Daniel

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