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The region of Volhynia -- in German, Wolhynien -- is in the northwest corner of Ukraine, west of Kyiv. It borders Poland to the west and Belarus to the north. Volhynia was the name of an administrative district, called a gubernia, before the Russian Revolution. Major cities include Zhitomir, Rowno and Lutsk.

In the mid-1800s many Germans settled in Volhynia. This site will help you to research their ancestry.

The map above is from an atlas published in London in 1908 by the Harmsworth company.

zhitomir train station

Old train station in Zhitomir, torn down many years ago

Societies dealing with Volhynia:

Foundation for East European Family History Studies

American Historical Society of Germans from Russia

East European Genealogical Society

Germans from Russia Heritage Society

Society for German Genealogy in East Europe

Websites in German:

Begegnung mit Wolhynien (Encounter with Volhynia)

Wolhynien (Volhynia)

Reise nach Wolhynien (Travel in Volhynia -- Youtube video)

Umsiedlermuseum-Wolhynien (Resettlement Museum Volhynia)

Mailing lists:

For Germans from Russian Poland and Volhynia,
sponsored by the Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe.

Volhynian Mennonites

German Russian Genealogy


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Web www.volhynia.com


  • Volhynia geography

  • German villages
    in western Volhynia


  • Volhynia history timeline

  • Holocaust by Hunger
    Published by the Daily Mail

  • A 1933 look
    at conditions in Russia

  • Criminal Code sections
    in the Soviet Union


  • Volhynia research overview

  • Volhynia records timeline

  • Lutheran Church

  • Roman Catholic
    Metryki Wolyn - Lutsk and Lviv

  • Baptist pastors

  • Residents of some villages
    in the Zhitomir area

  • A brief account of a visit
    to Zhitomir, 1995

    Einwandererzentralstelle (EWZ):
    Migration records dealing with ethnic Germans in 1939-1945

  • How to use EWZ records

  • Sample EWZ-50 file (PDF format)
        For Hulda Bienert, born in Solodyri in 1891

  • E/G Kartei EWZ-57 (alphabetic) film numbers

  • EWZ-58 (numeric) film numbers

    About this site:

    Volhynia.com is a personal project of Dave Obee, Victoria, B.C., Canada. It has been online in January 2006, although some of the material was on Dave's other sites as early as 1997.

    Dave has collected extensive information on the German Baptist colonies in the Neudorf area of Volhynia, in the Ukraine. His personal family tree includes names such as Weiss, Scheffler, Tiedtke, Reschke, Tiede, Menzel, Hartmann, Schindler, and Boehnert. Villages include Iwanowitsch, Solodyri, Pulin, Neudorf, Florowka, Skolobow, Rogowka, and Wjasowitz; all are near Zhitomir.

    Dave's Volhynian ancestors went there in the 1860s. Before that, they lived in Albrechtsdorf, Bartenstein, and Pr. Eylau, in East Prussia (Ostpreussen); Nakel and Bromberg in Posen; and Dabie, Drzewce, Lodz and Konigsbach in Poland.

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